Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Still spinning

I'm spinning a green and purple (it was supposed to be green and blue, but once again, not what I intended) nondescript wool. Once again, no picture, the camera is at the other house.

I love the Tour. I missed spinning and by participating in the Tour I'm making myself make time to spin.

Must spin more. Now.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tour de Fleece

I spun.

I finally finished spinning my blue and white nylon. I'm pretty happy with it. No idea about the yardage, it's still on the bobbin because I spent the day painting and I'm about to fall asleep.

And tomorrow I will spin (and paint) some more. Can't wait to dig into my baskets of fiber to see what I get to spin next.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Close Your Eyes and I'm Gorgeous

I've been super busy with a project I'll tell you about in a minute, so I wasn't able to publish the last post which I wrote ... ahem (talking softly) ... weeks ago. In the meantime I've started spinning the blue loveliness and um, the simple knitted bodice (although I have issues with my collar) and um, my Lady Eleanor and started my first pair of socks (yea!) and a drop stitch tank.

That's my sock, I'm using knit picks Memories in 'Yukon', and the pattern is Persistent Illusion's "Tangled up in Blue". I've screwed up a million and a half times, which is par for the course in doing something new, but I'm having a good time, and am nearly done with my first sock. And yes, that is me, knitting a sock, fully dressed, including my green flip flops, in the bathtub for two reasons. One: it is the only place to sit upstairs that isn't covered in drywall dust and nails and tacks and two: because if something went wrong with the construction downstairs I figured my best chance for survival falling through the floor was going to be in the bathtub.

Why I haven't been able to publish my first post? My parents bought a house on a lake. They bought a house on a lake that was built twenty odd years ago in the height of popcorn ceilings and lots and lots of wood paneling and small rooms. So I've spent almost everyday over at the house with them, trying to get the house ready for them to move in. I have found out that despite the fact that manual labor is as painful as it sounds, the remodel is an endless source of amusing stories, hence the title of today's post.

I've spent endless hours plastering, filling in holes in walls and ceilings, and then sanding and repeating. Even with the hours of plastering there are still a lot, and I mean, a lot of things that need to be plastered. On the way to the house we went to a large home improvement store. We were looking at cooktops and countertops, when a sales man approached. He had a great sense of humor and a fabulous British accent. In the course of conversation he mentioned his accent and he said 'close your eyes and I'm gorgeous'. He said he was working with a client over the phone, she ordered thousands of dollars worth of stuff and then came in and said 'but you're supposed to be gorgeous'. Wonderfully tactful.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The First

It’s my first entry and it’s daunting. It’s exciting too, don’t get me wrong.

I love blogs. I could spend (and have spent, especially when I’m avoiding something) hours going from one blog to another, taking a peak at people's projects and their lives. I've been a lurker, I plan to work on that. I think bloggers have created an amazing community; I want to be a part of that.

But it is still daunting. I'm not an outgoing person. Meeting people isn't easy. But here I am, by typing these very words I'm putting myself out into the blogosphere, running the risks of rejection, offending or saying something I wish I hadn’t.

And now, onto what this blog is about: the yarn and the knitting and the spinning!! I'm currently working on:

The Simple Knitted Bodice - I finished it. Finally. I didn't like the fit so I frogged a bit, put it to the side until we worked through our issues and then finished it again. And then I didn't like my sleeve length. I decided to lengthen them and have been busily knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting. Almost done. So close to being done.

The Lady Eleanor Shawl - I saw this pattern and had to have it. But this project is unlike any other. You see, I learned how to spin and bought a spinning wheel just before I saw Lady Eleanor. I bought two pounds of Merino wool, dyed it in the roving and spun it up. This is the first proper project I've made from start to finish that is all mine. I love it and have been faithful to the project. I can’t wait to finish it even if it’s much to warm to enjoy it.

I’ve got some other stuff but won’t elaborate more than to say ballband Dishcloths (so addictive), a Log Cabin Blanket (on hold), and gauntlets (knit on size 2 dpns which I hate, so it's on hold too).

I’m anxious to spin and have a basket of undyed fiber but I prefer to spin dyed fiber. Yesterday I pulled out some odds and ends and plunked some color on them. When I dye it never turns out how I expected. I usually like it better (I love the blue) but it’s still not what I intended. If I dye enough one of these days something is bound to turn out like I intend.